Friday, 17 October 2008

17th October Linkage

Cool list of urban legends and facts... mixed up - click here

A maze game with no walls.... beautiful.

Saturday, 20 September 2008

More linkage...

Ever wondered how good is a chocolate teapot?

Gorgeous art...

For anyone whose every felt like skinning Bugs Bunny...

The real laws that govern the universe here

Frustrated with movies that have unlikely endings? All your favourites tweaked for reality

Santa, take note, I want an avenging Narwhal for Christmas!

Mr - T - Sings - About - Mothers.

Ha ha ha... even microsoft uses macs to produce decent design work!

Mankind benefits from confectionary genius once more

Friday, 11 July 2008

More links!

Long time no posting.... Anyhow, check this out

Courtesy of Improveverywhere:

This is hideous... LASER TATTOOING!!!!

Naked urban underground exploration! (arty but probably still NSFW).

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Linkabocker Glory

Degree finished - woohoo! More time for hobbies and link huntingin..oh and work...

Ahh... how the internet elevates interesting art without requiring it to necessarily flaunt a heavily conceptual core - the joy of the aesthetic and some truly stunning example ofs art found online...

Packing tape art

some painting! Actually quite conventional...but I like it

Childhood fear embodied in photographs

And something less high brow...


Stories in six words.... attention span......


Love Macs? I sure do. Who needs a set when you have Mac OS X and a scary amount of commitment to make a music video:

For those of you that love Hillman Imps ( just for my Dad then :D ) - someone's actually bothered to modify one! And it's for a world record: Flatmobile.

At last a proper transatlantic communication device: A tunnel!

Now a test - fantastic new Weezer music video featuring loads of stars from "classic" funnies posted on Youtube - can you spot them all?"

Got an understanding partner? Then this is how to decorate your home!

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Fantastic Advertising

Got inspired by the advert with Brains below to do an amazing advertising post.... (you'll need sound for these obviously...)

And the followup website where you can dance with Brains is here

A nice selection of ads courtesy of google:

Really nice still images list of clever advertising campaigns here

Ahhh... the strange ways things used to be sold...

A huge collection of current high rated adverts at visit4info

Ever found you can't get the music from an advert out of your head but can't find it anywhere? You're dreams are answered at Commercial Breaks and Beats - the UK Television Advert Music Database!

Some more nice site specific advertising solutions here.

Monday, 12 May 2008

One rail good, two rails bad....

Today, a special monorail edition! Showcasing the finest one railed contraptions the web has to offer!

Here we have the Lartigue Monorail Locomotives - 0-6-0 steam locomotives that rely on a saddle type weight to stay on the rails...

The Aerotrain - fantastical french engineering. Gallery of images here, full story (with no pictures :-( ) here.

....and what do you do with almost 7km of redundant aerotrain test track? Well, build a pentacycle to cycle along it!

Ah... wikipedia.... here detailing the delights of gyroscopic monorails.

Something about them must be great, there's even a Monorail Society!

Over 100 years old and still going strong, the Wuppertal Schwebebahn.

A whole blog dedicated to the glory of Monorail Cat.

Good to see the chaps at Berkeley aren't wasting their research funding on err.... stuff like cataloguing futuristic monorail ideals of the past....

A slightly uncomfortably detailed record of Disney's various monorail systems

And lastly, when you're stuck on First Capital Connect this evening - dream wistfully of a new maglev network for the UK...

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Back to the Past Future....

This addition featuring supremely optimistic visions of the future...from er... the past....

Firstly, a less famous Horten flying machine than the German Brothers (see here for my favourite of theirs), but still fantastic, this link courtesy of Melvyn Friend's recommendations.

One for the modellers... a period documentary on the making of the Gerry Anderson futuristic classics Thunderbirds and Stingray here!

A fantastically diverse range of all things retro at

70s scientists prepare an optimistic vision of the future of home computing lol... I wonder if it runs on Vista?

You know what's missing from easyjet? An airliner with deck games, an orchestra, a gym and solarium...

A nice little summary of some of the key areas of retro-futurism at Retro Future

And for our second documentary - a walk round of the 1965 New York Fair... Worth watching just for the stretched tandem with.... erm.... more guys than I can count riding it!

And lastly but not another nice round up of future/past stuff at Pale Of Future!

Right, I'm off to feast on my food tablets before indulging on a bit of shuffleboard in my solarium...

Til next time!